Paul Atkinson

Services Director

Paul is an accountant by profession, having trained at Ernst & Young in the Insurance Industry Group Audit and Assurance team. Having found he had an aptitude for designing robust business processes and controls, particularly to enhance the Financial Statement Close and Reporting Process, Paul moved into industry looking to expand his skills in the Finance Systems Project space.

Whilst working for Saga Group as part of a ledger replacement project, the world of Performance Management was opened when he was asked to help select and then implement a solution to replace a complex Excel based insurance pricing model. Twelve years later, Paul has worked for a number of blue chip organisations such as BskyB, Westfield Shopping Towns & Aviva in the Performance Management and Business Intelligence Arena. He is a recognised expert on the theories and concepts of Kimball Data Warehousing, Financial and Operational modelling (having found time to become a six sigma green belt along the way) and in the development of Custom User Interfaces.

In 2009 Paul was introduced to PM10 (later to become Infor d/EPM) at Hyperion Insurance Group and rapidly came to the fore as one of the UKs leading consultants on the platform, particularly in the statutory consolidation arena. He has worked on some of the largest deployments of the platform across EMEA for a number of consultancies and has led deployments for Infor Consultancy Services. Paul still consults with Infor and is involved with beta testing new versions.

Today Paul leads our team of highly skilled specialists in the BI and EPM arena, which includes economists and business analysts as well as accountants. As our Services Director, Paul is responsible for all of Touchstone BI’s Best Practice Standards and, along with Programme Director John Chapman, agrees our deployment methodologies. He’s still a hands on consultant and solution architect and is now challenging himself by pushing into the Big Data and Data Science arena, working with Hadoop and R, and in the opportunities arising from the Internet of Things, particularly in the Asset Management space.

Outside of work, Paul is following his childhood obsession with airplanes (having studied for his Master’s Degree in Aerospace Materials at Imperial College) and is currently studying for his private pilot’s license.