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About Data Management Software

Data Management Software merges several data sources, extracts, filters, and summarises the information without loss of data integrity - and presents it in an easy to use format.

The software is vital to unlocking and making sense of the wealth of information held within business systems. For users with multiple data sources who currently have to cope with the frustrations of spreadsheets when producing meaningful management information, the solution provides a cost-effective and simple way to build, maintain and support a business intelligence platform.

Our Data Management Software

TimeXtender Discovery Hub

TimeXtender Discovery Hub is the future-proof analytical platform which enables quality, data driven decisions. With Discovery Hub's automation based platform, you get rapid access to accurate, reliable data without being a burden to your IT team. It's data lineage features mean you can easily check the source of any data, and your users will always see one version of the truth, regardless of their choice of front-end interface.

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ETL Agile

Developed by Touchstone BI, ETL Agile is a cost-effective data management solution for insightful business intelligence, reducing the time it takes to implement a BI solution by as much as 80%.

ETL Agile unlocks the wealth of information contained in systems such as Infor SunSystems, PROACTIS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other datasources in your organisation.

It rapidly extracts, transforms, and loads data from multiple sources into a data warehouse and dimensional cubes, using a user friendly ‘point and click’ tool. The solution can then be combined with a wide range of reporting, data visualisation, dashboard and BI tools to deliver true business insight.

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Birst ADR

Birst Automatic Data Refinement (ADR) collates and refines your data from numerous data sources ready for the end user in a single format. If your business suffers from legacy systems with no ETL functionality or you have to embark on arduous manual processing of data to gather insights, Birst ADR is the right data management software for your business.

Birst ADR gives you live access to your data which allows for rapid data combination and refining, regardless of changes in data model (new sources, volumes, etc).

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