Financial Consolidation

Consolidate multiple sets of accounts quickly and seamlessly

Consolidate your finances from multiple data sources

You may be dealing with a large number of legal entities across multiple territories. As organisations grow and acquire new businesses and systems, the consolidation process only gets more complex.

Infor d/EPM automates the consolidation process, making the entire process not only faster but more resilient and with less risk.

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Consolidation is faster and more flexible than ever before. Consolidate how you wish – by product, sub group or company.


Deliver your accounts faster and more accurately – all while avoiding manual rekeying and time-consuming, repetitive administration.


Flexible security and control. Proactively monitor your systems for transaction anomalies and violations of segregation of duties controls.

Faster and higher quality reporting through improved consolidation

Using Infor d/EPM you can improve data accuracy, comply with regulations, close books quickly and confidently and access financial statements

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Download the Infor d/EPM brochure

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