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01. 04. 22 Andes Loukianos

Accelerate your journey to data empowerment - Join our Webinar

With exploding volumes of data from a plethora of sources, today's challenge is about gathering, processing and exploit the data at speed. Discover how TimeXtender can help you build your modern data estate 10 times faster.

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22. 05. 18 John Chapman

Reducing Uncertainty - Why Agile for Business Intelligence Projects?

We consider the implications on risk management and risk approaches when using either Waterfall or Agile. Read our blog today!

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13. 04. 18 TouchstoneBI

The Art of Statutory Consolidation – Part 2

The statutory consolidation model must be one that inherently is designed to allow change and indeed automate it. Read our blog to find out more.

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04. 04. 18 TouchstoneBI

The Art of Statutory Consolidation - Part 1

Our suite of business intelligence and data management software will help you with your statutory consolidation processes to ensure absolute accuracy.

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27. 03. 18 Praful Majevadia

Big Data World lives up to its name in 2018

We visited Big Data World to discuss all things data related - here are our insights...

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19. 12. 17 John Chapman

Information, Decision & Meaningful Results

There is data all around us, collected in millions of transaction lines across multiple databases, all waiting to be analysed. Yet it is more than information that is required.

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08. 12. 17 Paul Atkinson

TouchstoneBI’s Top 10 BI Trends for 2018

TouchstoneBI's Services Director Paul Atkinson looks at his top 10 picks for Business Intelligence trends in 2018

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30. 11. 17

TouchstoneFMS Ltd are Infor 2017 FMS Partner of the Year

TouchstoneFMS Ltd is proud to have been awarded the Infor Europe 2017 FMS Channel Partner of the Year.

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14. 11. 17 John Chapman

User stories and effective Business Intelligence deployment

In Business Intelligence implementations there are a multitude of options for the preparation of reports. BIRST provides six ways for delivery of this information.

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13. 11. 17

Charity Technology Conference

TouchstoneBI showcased CharityBI at the the 12th Annual Charity Technology Conference hosted by the Civil Society in London.

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