Why you need third party BI tools with Microsoft Dynamics

29. 01. 15 Adam Hamlington

Better together than standing alone

In 20 years as a technical solutions consultant, it’s become very clear to me that one size categorically does not fit all when it comes to BI solutions. Every company has distinct needs, including budgeting frameworks, regulations, compliance and business goals. These internal processes and controls present diverse challenges, so any solution must flex to address them.

With a modern third party BI solution, you can build on your current Microsoft Dynamics platform to enable and control personalisation, whilst removing the need for a complex data management solution.

If you’re a die hard fan of Microsoft Dynamics, the idea of dilution may be unwelcome. But you need to take an objective view: you could be missing a trick by disregarding the latest third party products to accelerate and enhance your system.

The facts according to Gartner’s 2015 survey of prospective BI software buyers:

  • 35% are using an ERP or CRM system to gather, track and report on data, and are looking for a new solution to better analyse their data
  • 20% percent are still using Excel spreadsheets
  • 20% aren't using BI software at all
  • 20% are using outdated BI software

That 35% is made up of organisations that have already seen the benefits of a BI solution and are looking ahead to how they can derive even more business advantage from it, because they've seen the value it delivers.

Gartner predicts that by 2017, most business users and analysts in organisations will have access to self-service tools to prepare data for analysis. Isn’t it time you got ahead of the curve? ISVs like JET Reports and TARGIT have developed enhanced offerings for the Microsoft Dynamics stack. They’re responding to the need of companies in every sector to manage and exploit massive amounts of data for record-keeping, analysis, regulatory compliance and business planning. These achieve data management automation, dashboard KPIs, predictive analytics and real time reporting.

Identifying the risks and opportunities is key when you’re considering an integrated BI solution with Dynamics. There’s a valuable role for specialist third party products: the key to success is aligning what they can do with your prioritised company needs in a systematic business case.

Now for the hard sell!! If you’re considering or in the early stages of a BI Project, you can take up TouchstoneBI’s free half-day consultancy offer. TouchstoneBI are the #1 accredited consultants in the UK for BI solutions built for the Microsoft Dynamics suite. If you’d like to accelerate your company performance management with and beyond Microsoft Dynamics alone, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some expert, no-strings advice. The Touchstone BI team are happy to answer your questions, review your current processes and help you establish your requirements.

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Adam Hamlington

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Adam Hamlington

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