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19. 12. 17 John Chapman

At the start of the series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, we hear a dialogue

"What do you want?" says Patrick

The reply comes "Information"

"Whose side are you on?" Retorts Patrick

"That would be telling. We want information… information… information."

According to Wikipedia, Information is that which informs, which reduces uncertainty. It is closely related to communication, education, knowledge, meaning and understanding to name but a few.

There is data all around us, collected in millions of transaction lines across multiple databases, all waiting to be analysed. Yet it is more than information that is required.

Directors, Managers, and employees alike must take decisions. What is the best course of action, the most efficient and effective use of resources, which direction to travel in, where to focus effort next? To do this requires specific, relevant, and appropriate information.

Think about the decisions you need to take. What facts, what analysis, what statistics are required? Could it be financial, being revenue or cost, non-financial such as error rates, quality of service delivered, or perhaps time based – how long does work take.

By listing out the decisions, the data requirements can be clarified. The data warehouse is then built with pertinent and relevant content. This is presented to you in a visual way with graphical and modelling capabilities.

The decision making moves from anecdotal, subjective assessment, to one based on scenario analysis, evaluation, modelling and structured review.

The knowledge you gain from this insight guides effective decisions; leads to appropriate actions, delivering meaningful results.

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