Key Benefits of TimeXtender: Part 1

Security, Compliance and Cost-Saving

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Companies looking to embark on a digital transformation journey are often first focused on their pain points and how to solve them rather than the benefits that are received. We would like to challenge that thinking by outlining the positive gains that can be found when transforming company data management using an information-focused data estate such as TimeXtender.

In the first of this 2-part blog series, we will be looking at the benefits afforded by the TimeXtender platform in the form of security and compliance, as well as cost-savings.

Stay Secure and Compliant with TimeXtender

Compliance and security have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds as of late, thanks to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was put into effect earlier this year. As you are probably aware, GDPR broadens the scope of personal privacy laws to protect the data rights of EU citizens.

So, how can you abide by the new perimeters put in place, and have a better, more secure hold on your important business data?

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Well, lucky for you, these tasks can be seamlessly handled by TimeXtender’s data architecture. The TimeXtender platform provides full support for the “data protection by design and by default” environment encouraged under the GDPR legislation. And what’s better; all of this can be done without losing the agility and the access to data.

How to Stay Compliant: 5 Features of TimeXtender’s Data Architecture

  • Automated Documentation - The self-service, automated architecture allows users access to the data they need, whenever they need it, without compromising data security or requiring extensive input from your IT team. The documentation allows you to see the names, settings, description and code for every object and includes full version control to ensure that the generated documentation corresponds to the deployed version of the project
  • Traceability - Data lineage and impact analysis allows you to see where any data point has come from, and even helps you see the effects that any change will have before making augmentations
  • Security - Quickly and easily anonymize any personally identifiable data, while still using it to provide actionable insights for your business
  • Aggregation - Retain full documentation and anonymize personally identifiable information, while transforming data into actionable information
  • Multiple Environments - Whether in test, development or production your data is fully documented. You have full version control and full security and traceability

“This ability to create unique data flows catering to departmental needs is an enormous benefit, as Peter can easily administer data flows and access controls for external contractors. You have a control interface with user access control, and you can easily set up security rights too. This allows us to utilize new resources relatively quickly.” - Peter Hansen, Manager and Global BI Architect, Pandora

Now, more than ever, compliance is not a wish or a goal; compliance is a necessity. You can ensure that your business is securing data in a manageable, agile and compliant fashion by using an automated data architecture such as TimeXtender, proven to be a powerful tool in adhering to data regulations.

Time Is Money and Money Is Time

Time to data matters. We believe business leaders should never lose time waiting for access to trustworthy data, and talented IT professionals should never waste time on tedious redundant tasks that can readily be automated. Like they say, “Time is money”. And in this way, users of TimeXtender not only benefit from cost-savings but also time-savings. Unlike other approaches which require a mix of tools and vendors for things like scripting, data prep and data blending, TimeXtender is an integrated agile platform that saves both time and money.

Automation = Speedy Implementation

Automation saves time and frees resources for more strategic demands. Additionally, automation provides a faster, easier and more accurate means to access, model and govern your data, reducing external consultancy fees and reliance on in-house IT. With this automated, analytical platform, you can connect and integrate new data sources, define and create new reports and produce clear visualizations without waiting for IT resources. With the power of automation and TimeXtender’s metadata-driven approach, users get results that are five times faster than traditional methods, including a 70% reduction in build costs and up to 80% reduction in maintenance costs.

“Changing the old BI model was slow, difficult and costly,” notes Kerry. “We’d often had to go out-of-house because the Data Warehouse was hand-built by a consultancy, so we’d spent a lot of money every time it would fall over. Instead of waiting a week to fix things, with TimeXtender, I can make a change within 30 minutes – it’s that quick and easy.” - Kerry McRae, BI Team Leader & Stream Lead, O’Brien

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Data is the most valuable currency of the future, but only if available at the right time and in the right quality. TimeXtender ensures that businesses get the most out of their valuable business data.

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