Data Warehouses and a thirst for information

06. 11. 18 John Chapman

Poolside drinks, Data Warehouses and a thirst for information

Relaxing by the pool

The waiter walks from the bar, past the pool, to the holidaymaker who is reclining on a lounger. It is late morning.The sun is high in the sky, temperature rising and it is time for a cool drink. A short conversation ensues following which the drinks order is taken. The waiter returns to the bar to prepare the drinks. A return journey is made. The cool refreshing drink is handed over.

The workflow

To now put this into a business context, let’s review the workflow of this interaction. The component parts are:

  • Travel from Bar to Holidaymaker
  • Take order
  • Travel back to bar
  • Prepare drink
  • Travel to Holidaymaker
  • Hand over drink

Usually, the slowest and most time-consuming part of this workflow would be travelling; walking to and from the bar.

64% improvement

Recently I was on holiday in Turkey. At the hotel, the waiters around the pool travelled on roller-skates. In a timed-trial walking from the bar to a particular lounger took 41.70 seconds. The waiter made the same journey on skates in 15.51 seconds. A total saving of 26.20 seconds representing a 64% improvement in travelling time.

The data warehouse

Now consider the purpose of a data warehouse.It is to collate data into a central repository which can be analysed. The data warehouse does the travelling to each of the distinct data stores, collects the data and puts into a format that can be analysed before returning the result to the end user. In business, our thirsty holiday maker is the end user who needs their data at their fingertips. They do not want to make requests and then have to wait long periods for the information to be returned. A quick response is required.

The Heat is On

When the heat is on you to provide structured analysis of information, why wait unnecessarily for requests to be completed? Make sure you have a Data Warehousing solution with its skates on; Discovery Hub, powered by TimeXtender can quickly and efficiently bring you your data in relevant, readable formats. Have your thirst for information quenched, quickly and efficiently.

TouchstoneBI will be at that Big Data London exhibition on 13-14th November, come and see us on stand 345 to find out how Discovery Hub could give you fast, reliable access to your data.

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