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Touchstone Business Intelligence

It’s all about the data – every company is now a data company

Touchstone Business Intelligence (BI) knows that in order for a modern business to be successful they have to be a data-led company.

Thanks to the technology and online tools that we have at our disposal today, business-related data is rapidly increasing in volume, velocity and veracity. Today’s challenge is about gathering, processing and exploiting this data at speed, and doing so accurately, reliably and consistently.

Using TimeXtender, the data integration tool, Touchstone BI helps our clients harness their data and empower them to make better business decisions.

The Challenge

Manual coding, complex tool stacks and restrictive data management platforms fail to meet the needs of modern data teams. Data professionals are in desperate need of a faster, smarter, more flexible way to build and manage their data estates.

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TimeXtender - The Data Estate Builder

A low-code, drag-and-drop solution that rapidly extracts, transforms and prepares data from multiple sources to be presented through your BI tool of choice. TimeXtender also ensures that your data is secure and trusted whatever your existing technology landscape.

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The Solution

TimeXtender empowers you to build a modern data estate, and do so 10x faster than before thanks to its low-code, agile, data integration tool.

Quality Services Delivered by Experts

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Implementation Services

The Touchstone Business Intelligence teams are experts, hand-picked for their knowledge, skills and experience, and we’re focused on transforming data into valuable insights for you.

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Cloud Services

Touchstone Business Intelligence can also provide a secure private cloud environment or a managed Microsoft Azure platform delivering continuous service – so you never need to be out of the loop.

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Proof of Concept

Not sure if support from Touchstone Business Intelligence is the right step forward for your business? Our ‘try before you buy’ proof of concept offering lets you assess the value of our services to your business quickly and easily.

Simplify | Automate | Execute

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Low Code

A no-code/low-code user interface allows you to integrate your data 10x faster, with everything documented automatically.

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Automation enables you to quickly adapt to changes in data delivering faster time to value with fewer resources.

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TimeXtender is easy to use and powerful. More than 250 adaptors simplify data movement & processing.

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Enterprise – Grade

TimeXtender delivers robust enterprise level reliability, scalability, performance & security.


Clients use TimeXtender

TimeXtender has 16+ years of experience optimising best practices and building modern data estates for over 3,300 top-performing organisations.


Retention rate

TimeXtender maintains an unprecedented 95% retention rate by continuing to deliver a trusted, reliable, and secure data management solution.


Lower Build Costs

Build and manage your Data Estate 10x faster with our all-in-one solution – while reducing build costs by 70% - with no loss of flexibility or power.

TouchstoneBI as a TimeXtender Partner

TouchstoneBI Talks | Watch On-Demand

Watch TouchstoneBI’s Andes Loukianos and TimeXtender’s Louise Tayloras they reflect on their 10-year collaboration and discuss how clients use the data management tool.

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