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Stay ahead of the competition

Data empowered organisations are 23x more likely to acquire clients, 6x more likely to retain clients and 19x more likely to be profitable*

As data continues to flood into organisations from multiple sources the organisations that stay ahead are those who can harness data to empower their people with insights – enabling them to make more informed decisions, faster.

TimeXtender empowers your organisation

TimeXtender is a modern Data Estate Builder that integrates and consolidates all your data into a central hub – giving Business Leaders faster access to reliable data for better informed decision-making and competitive advantage.

Put TimeXtender at the heart of your Data Empowerment Strategy


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A good data and analytics strategy starts with a clear vision – be led by the business value of your data.


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Invest in a team with the right data and analytical skills and provide them with the right tools to deliver.


Ensure your information assets are trustworthy and well documented.

Ensure your information assets are trustworthy and well documented.


TimeXtender allows you to execute on your Data Empowerment Strategy.

TimeXtender allows you to execute on your Data Empowerment Strategy.

Want to know if our TimeXtender solution is right for you?

Not sure whether our TimeXtender solution is right for you? Do you need to discuss your specific requirements? We would be more than happy to talk through your needs and discuss how TimeXtender might be right for your organisation.

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TimeXtender will accelerate your journey to Data Empowerment

Single Solution

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Replaces complex layers of technologies with one simple unified solution.

Data Quality

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Built-in rules & alerts reduces costly mistakes due to unreliable data.


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Your data is safe, secured, and governed with TimeXtender.


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No need for extensive manual coding, repetitive or time-consuming tasks.


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Multi-platform, ready for AI and Machine Learning deployed On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid.


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From trusted, experienced specialists, TouchstoneBI, who have successfully implemented projects across a range of industries.

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“TouchstoneBI are a long-established partner of TimeXtender. They have shown skill, commitment and passion for delivering great data warehouse automation solutions to their clients. We are delighted with what they have achieved with TimeXtender, their expertise is impressive and highly regarded.”

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO & Founder, TimeXtender

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“TimeXtender has replaced a complex Excel process that took weeks to complete with millions of rows of data."

Head of Management Reporting, Arora Group

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"TimeXtender is a central platform of the CII's BI capability and working well. We are now seeing the power of the platform being able to handle a variety of data sources and types. Power BI is now being rolled out, so self-service is now a reality."

Business Intelligence Team Leader, CII

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"TimeXtender has become a business-critical data management platform that has enabled us to transform and streamline our billing process."

European IT Director, Telehouse Europe

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"TimeXtender has enabled me to put technology at the heart of PEI's business, to change the way we compete and operate by providing a deeper understanding and engagement with our clients."

Chief Technology & Information Officer, PEI

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"We are now able to graphically model different theatre productions such as Phantom of the Opera and Cats in a way that was not possible before TimeXtender."

Business Analyst, Really Useful Group

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"I just wanted to thank everyone for their efforts last week in identifying and resolving the issue. We really appreciate the partnering from Tatiana and willingness to resolve."

Head of Technology Applications, Mount Anvil

Become a data driven organisation

TouchstoneBI are the UK leading TimeXtender Partner.

  • Specialists in what we do
  • Trusted in what we deliver
  • Experienced in helping clients on their data journey

From data discovery to visualisation, we help you define your data strategy using our skills, experience, and knowledge to transform data into actionable insights, helping you to become a data driven organisation.

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