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TimeXtender for Business Intelligence Teams

Empower your organisation

With an explosion in data volumes, in both the amount and types of data that needs to be collected, stored, and processed from a growing number of sources like AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Smart Automation – demands on  Data and Business Intelligence Teams are growing exponentially.

Today’s data professionals need a faster, smarter, and more flexible way of building and managing their data estates. They need a solution that allows them to quickly provide users with accurate and reliable data – thereby enabling more informed business decisions, and more opportunities to make them.

TimeXtender empowers business intelligence teams to build Modern Data Estates

TimeXtender is an automated, low-code, drag-and-drop Data Estate Builder that enables you to build a Modern Data Estate 10 times faster than when using more standard methods.


TimeXtender enables your business intelligence team to deliver results in days, whilst adapting to emerging AI and ML technology on the platform of your choice.


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  • Easily adapt to changing platforms & data sources
  • Decouples your business logic from the underlying data storage platform
  • Intelligently orchestrate the entire solution


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  • Code-free UK enables 10x faster development
  • Autogenerated code ensures best practice
  • Deploy from Azure Marketplace in minutes


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  • Automated documentation supporting data compliance
  • End-to-end data lineage & impact analysis
  • Always up-to-date data dictionary

Want to know if our TimeXtender solution is right for your business intelligence team?

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TimeXtender for business intelligence teams makes a complex task simple

Our platform takes the pain out of preparing data – thereby making it easier for your organisation to implement a more effective decision making process, make better quality business decisions, and improve performance and collaboration.

Drag & Drop Interface

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A simple drag-and-drop interface automates all code in the transformation process. It enables you to develop 10 times faster by getting rid of the need to manually script pages and pages of code – saving time and money on expensive resources.

Low-Code Simplicity

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Simply put, it is an easy-to-use UI to a SQL code generator that works with Microsoft. As Microsoft release new syntax and commands, TimeXtender’s codebase ensures it uses their best practice recommendations.

Data Lineage

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Tracking all objects and their dependencies, the data lineage function delivers an end-to-end representation of the data life cycle. You can track back to its origin and move forward to see who it goes to for consumption, all by simply clicking on the data point whose lineage you want to examine.


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TimeXtender automatically generates a full suite of documentation for the entire metadata model in PDF. Using a click of a button, it documents names, settings, descriptions and codes including full version control – which is now essential not only for robust internal processes, but also regulatory compliance.


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TimeXtender enables you to perform impact analysis on tables and fields, automatically identifying dependences and the potential impact. It goes even further by enabling the immediate propagation of the changes should they need to be made across the model with just a few clicks.


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TimeXtender supports deployment across multiple environments such as Development, Testing and Production. Our easy-to-understand interface makes it easy for you to transfer projects between environments with automatic version control, and in such a way that you only transfer the changes needed in the new environment.

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“TouchstoneBI are a long-established partner of TimeXtender. They have shown skill, commitment and passion for delivering great data warehouse automation solutions to their clients. We are delighted with what they have achieved with TimeXtender, their expertise is impressive and highly regarded.”

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO & Founder, TimeXtender

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“TimeXtender has replaced a complex Excel process that took weeks to complete with millions of rows of data."

Head of Management Reporting, Arora Group

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"TimeXtender is a central platform of the CII's BI capability and working well. We are now seeing the power of the platform being able to handle a variety of data sources and types. Power BI is now being rolled out, so self-service is now a reality."

Business Intelligence Team Leader, CII

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"TimeXtender has become a business-critical data management platform that has enabled us to transform and streamline our billing process."

European IT Director, Telehouse Europe

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"TimeXtender has enabled me to put technology at the heart of PEI's business, to change the way we compete and operate by providing a deeper understanding and engagement with our clients."

Chief Technology & Information Officer, PEI

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"We are now able to graphically model different theatre productions such as Phantom of the Opera and Cats in a way that was not possible before TimeXtender."

Business Analyst, Really Useful Group

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"I just wanted to thank everyone for their efforts last week in identifying and resolving the issue. We really appreciate the partnering from Tatiana and willingness to resolve."

Head of Technology Applications, Mount Anvil

More than 250 Connectors and Adaptors

TimeXtender for business intelligence teams can connect and extract data using its intelligent adaptors for some of the most popular source systems in the world.

Retrieving data using the business logic from these source systems enables your business intelligence team to quickly and efficiently extract and synchronise data in a robust and secure way.


Semantic Layer

TimeXtender’s Semantic modelling capabilities automatically generates the “end points” for Power BI, Tableau and Qilk.

This enables fast, consistent data visualisations that are presented in terms users can easily understand, and in contexts that are relevant to them.

Semantic layer
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