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The TimeXtender Azure Relationship Explained

Our TimeXtender solution is built on the Microsoft Azure technology platform

TimeXtender is an enterprise-grade data that uses Microsoft technology to deliver it’s support, alongside robust enterprise-level reliability, scalability, performance & security.

Using preconfigured solution templates, you can be up and running in just a few minutes in your own Azure tenant – simplifying deployment of your data platforms and facilitating the development of a modern data estate.

A solution you can trust

The TimeXtender Azure relationship delivers a trusted, reliable, and secure solution for organisations of any size, wherever you are on your data journey.

High effective Data Management focused on Microsoft technology

The TimeXtender data management framework is built around Microsoft technology – in particular TimeXtender works alongside three different elements of the Microsoft ecosystem:

TimeXtender supports Microsoft SQL Server for on-premises deployments.

It also supports the Microsoft Azure platform for Cloud deployments on Azure SQL DB and Synapse.

Lastly TimeXtender also supports Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Analysis Services, and Azure Synapse Analytics.


Automate processes quickly and easily

Because we only support specific Microsoft Data Platforms through TimeXtender, it means that we can be dedicated to those platforms and  fully support their latest version or release as they become available.

In addition, thanks to the time our team have spent focused purely on the Microsoft data platforms that TimeXtender works with, has allowed each member of our team to amass a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge about those platforms – making the TouchstoneBI team one of the best groups of people to support you in this area.

Our team’s expertise also has more practical plus points for you as a business. For instance, it ensures that we can automate more of the processes involved in defining, building, and maintaining your data lakes and data warehouses using industry leading best practices that will keep your systems and your data safe and secure- all whilst making gaining access easy for the people and technology that use it.

Automate processes

Scalable Full Cloud Deployment

TimeXtender can run on-premises or virtually in Azure.

A variety of pre-built templates combine TouchstoneBI’s TimeXtender software and Azure services including:

Find out more about TimeXtender in the Cloud

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Azure Virtual Machines

Azure can provide virtual machines that allow you to run software from a wide range of trusted, well-known providers, such as TimeXtender, all without needing to invest in the onsite installation of hardware to run it at your business premises – thereby saving you time, and money (in the form of up-front costs and overheads).

Azure SQL DB

Azure SQL DB is a fully managed relational database service, and part of the Azure SQL suite. An Azure SQL DB setup is fully managed with automatic system updates and backups assuring regulatory compliance. Queries are quick and easy to run, and Azure SQL DB systems operate at over 99.99% uptime – ensuring reliability.

Azure SQL MI

Azure SQL Managed Instance is a Microsoft PaaS (‘platform as a service’) which allows companies to migrate their existing database systems and apps to the cloud. Like Azure SQL DB, businesses using Azure SQL MI can count on a high level of security for their data, with features such as automated backups and system updates for convenience and reliability.

Azure Data Lake Storage

Azure Data Lake is the solution that those charged with interpreting data (analysts, scientists and the like) need to get their job done well. Azure data lake is all about big data – so this integration goes a long way to ensuring that TimeXtender can perform well, even in big data scenarios and settings.

Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse is an analytics suite that is the ideal choice when working with data stored in Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions. Integrating the Azure Synapse suite with TimeXtender bringing together a unified experience for TimeXtender users to ingest, investigate, prepare, convert, control, and maintain data.

Azure Analysis Services

Having all of the data at your fingertips is one thing, truly understanding it and latching on to the all-important takeaways and insights that it’s trying to show you can be completely another. However, Azure Analysis Services bridges the gap between raw data and meaningful information in a highly effective way.

The other Services and Support that TouchstoneBI can provide

In addition to implementing TimeXtender for your business, our talented team can help you implement good governance practices and futureproof your setup, harness the power of emerging machine learning and AI technology, and help you to fully use and understand your data.

We also work with you to design, develop, and implement a business intelligence setup that enables you to harness all the data and other resources at your disposal, and use them to make better business decisions, faster. This helps to streamline business processes and improve efficiency all whilst earning you more money; promoting and facilitating innovation within your enterprise, and the projects you take on, and; protecting the privacy and security of your business’ data.

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