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Making A Data Driven Strategy A Reality

Becoming data-driven has been a long-standing goal for many organisations. Solving data issues by developing and deploying a data driven strategy that includes a Master Data Management Framework and robust Data Quality processes will transform your data into actionable insights for rapid, confident decision-making.

A data driven approach can make or break a business' competitive advantage

TouchstoneBI will use all of our knowledge and skills to work alongside your organisation to develop and execute a comprehensive data driven strategy. This will not only bring disparate data sources together into one comprehensive data management product, but also will ensure you can adopt robust data governance policies that promote innovation, and help you solve tomorrow’s data challenges.

Master Data Framework

Organisations face multiple data related challenges and are at different points on their data transformation journey. A data management framework is a model of people, processes and policies that you need to excel at managing your data.

We will help ensure that you have all of the right elements you need to deliver a highly effective data driven strategy and data management platform to your business, including support in delivering data stewardship, policies, processes and standards. Sharing our techniques around key elements such as Metadata, Analytics, Data Architecture, Data Lifecycle and Data Quality that will transform you into a Data Savvy Organisation that’s capable of using the insights brought by that data driven strategy to the fullest.

Master data

Data Quality & Accuracy

Often the biggest challenge for companies on their data transformation journey is ensuring that they have good, quality data. Good quality data means better decisions are made and better outcomes are achieved – it’s that simple.

Is your data complete? Is it compliant and valid? Is it consistent? Can you extract it in a timely fashion? Is it correct and valid? With good design and data management practices TouchstoneBI will help ensure that your data is fit for purpose and, able to support and inform key business decisions.

Data accuracy

The Data Maturity Journey

Data transformation journey

 Data Security & Compliance

In the rush to get to their data, organisations can sometimes compromise on data security, which could result in exposure, deletion, or corruption of that data. Data Security goes beyond simple access rights but extends into considerations about privacy, confidentiality and compliance. This has particularly come into focus as more and more of an organisation’s data is stored in the Cloud – making it even more essential for you to have a robust data protection strategy in place. Click here to find out how using TimeXtender in the cloud is the ideal solution to meet all your data, security and compliance needs.

Find out more about TimeXtender in the Cloud

Data compliance

Data Governance

A well-crafted data governance strategy is fundamental for any organisation. Data governance is a collection of processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals. It establishes the processes and responsibilities that ensure the quality and security of the data used across a business or organisation. Data governance defines who can take what action, upon what data, in what situations, using what methods.

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Unlock the power of your data

Organisations are driven by people not just data. By empowering your people with a good data driven strategy and the right tools and technologies, they will generate ideas and make decisions that will make your organisation become more intelligent, dynamic and agile, and a leader in your sector, market, or industry.


Where are you on your Data Maturity Journey?

We can support your transformation from siloed legacy systems with no single source of truth, cumbersome manual processes and unreliable reporting to a modern data savvy organisation with a data driven strategy, and one that can harness your data’s full potential to make well informed business decisions.

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