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TimeXtender: Because Time is Money

42% of business leaders need to make data-driven decisions within one day.

With TimeXtender’s data lake, you can get clarity sooner, make better decisions faster, and spend your time more wisely.

Data can make or break a business’s competitive advantage

TimeXtender is much more than a standard BI product or platform – it is a modern Data Warehouse that creates and manages enterprise-wide data models.

This ensures that you get one version of the truth and one view of all of your data through a shared semantic layer that allows for seamless communication across your organisation.


The data integration tool’s metadata engine facilitates shorter, more iterative development cycles so that changes in data sources or requests can be responded to quickly.

Data journey


The low-code/no-code user interface allows you to develop solutions to your challenges significantly faster and means that expensive resources do not waste time on manual scripting.

Master data


End-to-end Data Lineage, Impact Analysis and Documentation helps support a compliant data estate.

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Data accuracy

Want to know if TimeXtender is right for you?

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Performance is key to any business’s success.

TimeXtender has an Intelligent Execution Engine for optimum performance and tracing. It ensures that your system is always running as quickly and efficiently as possible and, by learning from past executions, it will recommend improvement where it can.

Data compliance

Data Lineage

The data automation solution’s end-to-end Data Lineage feature enables you to see any particular data point’s entire data journey – all the way from the source data through any transformations to its preparation for reporting.  All you have to do to access that journey information is click on the data point you’d like to know more about.

In addition to promoting a higher level of trust and transparency, this feature also assists in achieving regulatory compliance.

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Connectors & Adapters

This data automation solution can connect and extract data from virtually any data source, and comes equipped with more than 250 intelligent adapters for some of the most popular source systems in the world.

These adapters retrieve data using the business logic of the source systems, allowing you to extract and synchronise data from any source system faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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“TouchstoneBI are a long-established partner of TimeXtender. They have shown skill, commitment and passion for delivering great data warehouse automation solutions to their clients. We are delighted with what they have achieved with TimeXtender, their expertise is impressive and highly regarded.”

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO & Founder, TimeXtender

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“TimeXtender has replaced a complex Excel process that took weeks to complete with millions of rows of data."

Head of Management Reporting, Arora Group

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"TimeXtender is a central platform of the CII's BI capability and working well. We are now seeing the power of the platform being able to handle a variety of data sources and types. Power BI is now being rolled out, so self-service is now a reality."

Business Intelligence Team Leader, CII

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"TimeXtender has become a business-critical data management platform that has enabled us to transform and streamline our billing process."

European IT Director, Telehouse Europe

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"TimeXtender has enabled me to put technology at the heart of PEI's business, to change the way we compete and operate by providing a deeper understanding and engagement with our clients."

Chief Technology & Information Officer, PEI

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"We are now able to graphically model different theatre productions such as Phantom of the Opera and Cats in a way that was not possible before TimeXtender."

Business Analyst, Really Useful Group

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"I just wanted to thank everyone for their efforts last week in identifying and resolving the issue. We really appreciate the partnering from Tatiana and willingness to resolve."

Head of Technology Applications, Mount Anvil

Semantic Layer

The data warehouse’s semantic layer supports the creation of department-specific data models or data marts, delivering the relevant data in the format required to your choice of visualisation tools – such as Power BI, Tableau or Qlik.

This gives you true self-service analytics in a structured, governed, and secure environment – all within a simple, drag-and-drop user interface.

Semantic layer

Self Documenting

The robust documentation that TimeXtender is able to generate automatically for you can help maintain regulatory compliance. With the click of a button, it will read the entire metadata model and describe it for you in a PDF. This documentation also allows you to see the names, settings, descriptions and codes for every object.

TimeXtender includes full version control ensuring that any documentation generated corresponds to the deployed version of the project object. Comments may be added to all elements of the project.

Self documenting


With the security features built into TimeXtender, you can define users and their access rights, plus enable object and low-level security. Object-level security ensures that authenticated users only access the data, tables or columns they are authorised to see.

In addition, the solution supports both Active directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD).

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