BI Reporting Tool

Birst Reporting allows users to easily create and distribute high-level ad-hoc reports

Quickly drill down into reports

With Birst’s native mobile BI functionality, business users on the go can quickly flick through charts and tables, filter information, and drill into reports for more detail wherever business takes them.

The fully responsive and integrated HTML5 dashboards and visual discovery interfaces blur the lines between traditional separate dashboards and discovery interfaces. Birst’s unique approach adapts to the needs of individual business users and allows them to quickly gain insights they couldn’t see before.

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Gain a single version of the truth

With Birst, business users can shorten decision cycles because they get to work with their existing, familiar front-end applications.

They also gain the added benefit of having a single trusted version of the truth, and consistent analytical experiences, across all the BI tools they rely on. The result is greater alignment across your entire enterprise to drive better business outcomes.

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