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Business Intelligence Support Services

Enabling Better, Data-Driven Decisions

As technology advances, modern businesses have more and more data at their disposal. However, to really make the most of that data, and harness its power to help them make informed decisions, businesses need to have a reliable system in place to collect and analyse this data. This is where business intelligence support (also termed as ‘BI support’) comes in. In this article, we’ll explore what BI support is, why it is necessary, and how it can benefit your business.

What is Business Intelligence Support?

Business intelligence support refers to the third-party tools and services that enable businesses to collect, store, analyse and report on data – key steps in a data-driven decision-making process. This support can come in various forms, including the installation and upkeep of software platforms like TimeXtender, consulting services, and training programs. Overall, BI support is designed to streamline the process of collecting and analysing data, making it easier for businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Why is Business Intelligence Support Necessary?

With the ever-increasing amount of data available to businesses, it is becoming more challenging to collect and analyse all of this data efficiently. BI support helps businesses to do this, and It also helps them to identify patterns and trends in the data that may not be immediately apparent and report on that data well.

How Can Business Intelligence Support Benefit Your Business?

There are several ways that BI support can benefit your business. Here are just a few:

Improved Decision-Making

By collecting and analysing data, businesses can make more informed decisions. Good BI support makes it easier to collect and analyse data, which can lead to improved decision-making – especially when teamed with quality reporting.

Increased Efficiency

BI support can help businesses automate many of the data collection and analysis processes that will be involved in a robust business intelligence strategy, making them more efficient.

Better Customer Insights

Proper analysis of customer data can really help a business gain insight into their customers’ behaviours and preferences. This information can then be used to improve customer satisfaction in a number of ways, and customer retention as a result of that.

Competitive Advantage

Taken together the three advantages described above can really give a business a competitive advantage in their industry – an advantage that comes through proper analysis and effective use of the data available to them.


What types of businesses can benefit from BI support?

Business intelligence support can benefit businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

What kind of data can be collected and analysed with BI support?

BI support can be used to collect and analyse a wide range of data, including customer data, financial data, operational data, and more – including data from a wide range of external sources.

Is BI support expensive?

The cost of BI support can vary depending on the type of support needed, so we can’t give you a firm price here in this article. However, the benefits of good BI support will outweigh the costs.

Why should I choose TouchstoneBI as my partner for Business Intelligence Support?

We have been providing top quality business intelligence support to businesses based in the UK and worldwide for decades now. The level of knowledge and experience that our team can offer in the field of BI is second to none, and the range of support we offer is comprehensive. TouchstoneBI and our solutions can support you with every step of the business intelligence process – from initial research into the options currently available and identifying the right solution for your project, to implementation of a BI system, even support services and post-implementation management of that system to address maintenance, patch application, and other such issues to keep your solution working at peak performance.

In addition to being a leading provider of business intelligence expertise, TouchstoneBI is also a leading online source for news from the business intelligence sector and other helpful resources too. Feel free to click the relevant links above to learn more about each of these areas. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to talk about your business’ individual BI needs, don’t forget that you can also reach out to our team using the details that you’ll find on our contact us page.

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Investing in business intelligence support is therefore an investment in the future success of your business, and in our professional opinion, it’s only becoming more and more important. If you’re not already making use of the business intelligence data at your disposal, then you’re likely already a step behind the competition. The time to put that right is now, and the TouchstoneBI team are the people best placed to help you.

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