Birst ADR

Enable centralised and de-centralised teams to collaborate on trusted data across the enterprise

About Birst ADR

Birst Automated Data Refinement (ADR) is a leading ETL tool which automatically merges data from numerous data sources and produces a true version of the enterprise-wide data.

With ADR, Birst eliminates the need for teams of developers and data specialists to perform the time-intensive and error-prone ETL processes that legacy business intelligence scenarios require.

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Advanced automated data refinement

Birst ADR uses advanced algorithms to take highly disparate data from many different sources and instantly structure it in a simple, clear and consistent set of business metrics and attributes, so any user, regardless of skill set, can perform analytics.

Birst not only finds relationships between data; it also creates a business layer with which users can interact. When other, competing tools find relationships between data, they create physical, siloed data sets. With Birst, you get a cloud-architected platform that enables multiple users, across the enterprise, to access and work with trusted, virtual data sets.

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Once Birst ADR has created the database of the entire organisation's data, it can then be further interrogated using Birst Business Intelligence software which allows users to access self-service analytics through executive dashboards, reporting, visual discovery, mobile tools and predictive analytics.

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