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About Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is a central repository of integrated data from multiple data sources which can then be used for reporting and/or data analysis, and it is at the very core of business intelligence. Both historical and current data is stored and are used to create analytical reports which will be used to inform business decisions.

A data warehouse helps improve and clean data, present information consistently, inform business decisions and maintain data history. The wealth of information when used in combination with the right enterprise performance management software can be used to define your business strategy.

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Our Data Warehouse Tools

ETL Agile

In ETL Agile, the data warehouse model is designed in metadata so you have one single metadata model where you design and make changes to your entire project. The agile approach adopted by our software supports short iterations that enable you to keep up with the changing requirements. It also means that your dimensional model is constantly kept up-to-date.

All data warehouse projects in ETL Agile are fully documented and there’s complete version control.

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Birst ADR

Birst’s Automated Data Refinement extracts data from multiple sources into a unified semantic layer. The solution also supports blending of data in both top-down and bottom-up manner.

The data warehouse tool enables decentralised users to augment the enterprise data model virtually without compromising data governance. Birst also offers a unified semantic layer that maintains common definitions and key metrics.

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