ETL Tools

Extract, transform and load data from multiple sources into one database

About ETL Tools

Extract, transform and load (ETL) is a complete set of functions combined into one solution that allows your business to extract data from multiple sources, transform it as necessary and load it into a data warehouse or database for further analysis or distribution.

Extracting the data correctly is vital to the overall success of the entire ETL process and it is generally converted into a single format ready for transformation. The data is transformed using a set of rules and/or functions as required by the end target. The data, once transformed, is then loaded into a database or data warehouse where it is then ready of the end user.

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42% of business leaders need to make data-driven decisions within one day. With TimeXtender, you can get to clarity sooner, make better decisions faster, and spend time more wisely.

TimeXtender creates and manages enterprise-wide data models that ensure one version of the truth and one view of all your data, regardless of your visualisation platform. The shared semantic layer allows for seamless communication across the organisation.

The integrated, governed platform has built-in and easy-to-maintain security and compliance capabilities. It supports a future-proof architecture that provides the necessary agile approach towards business insights while liberating IT from the time-intensive tasks of scripting and documentation.

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ETL Agile

ETL Agile from Touchstone BI is a user friendly “point and click” tool that provides the basis for a business intelligence solution, including data extraction, data validation, data transformation, and the building of data warehouses and OLAP cubes without the need for hard coding the SQL code.

The easy to use software will automate data extraction from numerous sources, auto-generate SQL code and integrate all of your company data ready for further interrogation by business intelligence software.

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