Budgeting & Forecasting

Move from painful manual processes to reporting and planning on the fly

Improve your budgeting & planning using powerful forecast modelling

Manual processes and spreadsheets pose a very real risk to finance departments. But it’s the cost of missed opportunities or failure to react fast enough that will be far more damaging to organisations in the long run than any spreadsheet error.

Infor d/EPM's sophisticated budgeting and forecasting engine allows you to build in calculations, allocations, phasing, market factors, seasonality, and more.

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Build a business strategy based on real insights

By combining budgeting, planning and forecasting in a single system, Infor d/EPM gives you more complete predictive modeling and a fast way to improve your operational planning, workforce budgeting, and sales estimates.

You can incorporate your strategic plans and monitor them against your actual performance, as well as consolidate your holdings for complete financial reporting.

Infor d/EPM from a planner's perspective

Here’s a look at the user interface and budgeting process from a planner's perspective in Infor d/EPM.

The software helps create deep plan hierarchies, compare plans to forecasts, and adjust plans on the fly. Task management, decision packages, workflow, and versioning capabilities bring a new level of discipline and flexibility to budgeting processes.

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Download the Infor d/EPM brochure

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