TimeXtender Workshop: Goals & Data Score Big with Euros 2024 Predictions

In-person Workshop | 25 June

Make your Euros 2024 Predictions at our Data Workshop at the London Stadium.

Join us for our exclusive in-person workshop, Goals & Data: Score Big with Euros 2024 predictions, hosted alongside TimeXtender. We’re looking for data enthusiasts and football fans to take part in a hands-on data workshop at the iconic London Stadium.

Enhance your analytics skills, connect with industry peers, and dive deep into extensive Euros dataset to forecast outcomes while mastering predictive analysis.

Workshop Details

Event: Goals & Data: Score Big with Euros 2024 Predictions

Date: Tuesday, 25th June

Time: 9 AM – 1 PM

Location: London Stadium, London, E20 2ST

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Why You Should Attend

Taking place hours before England’s last guaranteed game of the tournament, during this workshop we will explore various aspects of the game, from player performance metrics to team head-to-head comparisons, using data from previous Euros fixtures.

The session will delve into:

  • Data Analysis: We will dissect the game data, examining metrics such as possession, pass completion, shots on target, goals scored and more.
  • Predictive Modelling: Leveraging machine-learning algorithms, we will predict outcomes based on extensive data and other relevant factors. Will England make it to the finals?
  • Data Visualisation: We will create compelling visual representations of our findings, enhancing understanding and insights.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience this cutting-edge data integration tool in action!





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