Picture of Tatiana Brodskya

Meet Tatiana Brodskaya, Business Intelligence Consultant

Part of Touchstone’s team since 2008, Tatiana recently moved over to our BI unit specialising in data warehousing projects and enterprise performance management solutions. She tells us more about herself and her professional choices.

How did you come to join the IT industry and more specifically Touchstone? Take us through your journey.

If I say that life pushed me to it against my will, then it is most likely the closest version to the truth. I studied Logistics at University but was often asked to help with IT related matters during that time. My internship tutor praised my IT skills and even convinced me to change my career path and specialise in systems implementation.

After a work experience at one of Russia’s SunSystems distributor, I decided to leave Russia and move to the UK. Having already worked with Touchstone consultants on several projects, it felt a natural choice to apply for a place here.


What is the best thing about working at Touchstone?

There are many reasons why I like working for Touchstone. I would say that the diversity of clients and industries we work with is a major bonus. Being exposed to a wide range of customers from various sectors not only expands my skill set, but also enriches my life experience.

I must also mention Touchstone’s readiness to adopt new technologies and approaches, which greatly facilitates my work. The company’s willingness to embrace the latest tools and techniques means that I can easily access and utilize them in my work without any delays or obstacles.


As a Business Intelligence Consultant, what has been your favourite project?

Every project is unique, it is difficult to choose! I will always favour my current project over any past projects. Each project brings new challenges and new approaches to my accumulated experience and the wider my luggage is the more fun it is.

For me, the success and enjoyment of any project heavily rely on the involvement and interest of the customer in the end result. Regardless of the complexity of the requirements, when the customer is engaged and invested in the project, it tends to be more enjoyable, smooth, and structured.


If you had to reconvert into another industry/job, what would it be?

Should it pay the bills? If not, then I would put all my efforts in encouraging my husband to resume his writing, and, perhaps, I will get on with illustrating his books. So far, he’s fully dedicated himself in bringing up our children, while I am at work.


Picture of Tatiana Brodskya

Tatiana joined Touchstone in 2008, having worked 7 years as a SunSystems consultant. Since then, she has been adding many strings to her bow, including proficiency of d/EPM, ETL Agile and TimeXtender as well as keeping up to date with the latest trends in the world of Infor SunSystems such as Q&A, Spindle and a wide range of PA companion products.

Now focusing on data warehousing projects, Tatiana designs and implements the best solution for each customer, considering both the accounts and technical teams’ requirements.


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