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Outstanding results for TimeXtender in BARC’s independent data management survey

Results highlights

  • 97% of surveyed users are satisfied with TimeXtender
  • 90% of surveyed users rate TimeXtender’s functionality as excellent or good
  • 90% of surveyed users say they would recommend TimeXtender
  • 84% of surveyed users chose TimeXtender because of its ease of use for technical users

The Data Management Survey, now in its forth year, is a BARC research study focused on the data management tools market.

BARC research is primarily based on a major survey of 1,236 software users and consultants worldwide, and provides a wealth of user feedback on 23 of the leading data management solutions on the market today, including TimeXtender.

TimeXtender achieved consistently above average ratings with 3 top rankings and 8 leading positions in this year’s Data Management Survey.

‘Automation of data processes’ and ‘ease of use for technical users’ are each highlighted by an impressive 84 percent of respondents as significant reasons why they chose TimeXtender. Respondents to this survey also reported that TimeXtender delivers value by saving time and money in
building and maintaining data warehouses and marts for BI.

TimeXtender earned a leading position in the Time to Market KPI this year, with four in five companies highlighting the tool’s automation capabilities.

9 out of 10 TimeXtender’s users would recommend the tool, the best score in their peer group. This confirms the general impression that the tool provides more than it may appear at first glance. Once it has been implemented and users begin working with it, they unanimously appreciate the platform (97%), as this customer quote shows: “I highly recommend TimeXtender. It is a fantastic product that makes life easier for our consultants and clients.”

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