Services offered by TouchstoneBI


We offer a full helpdesk service and out of hours support to provide you with assistance whenever and where ever you need it. Our remote access support allows us to identify and fix issues on the spot. Our systems administration cover is here to help you if you ever experience any staff shortages or you require extra resource during auditing or year end. We also offer server monitoring, so we can keep an eye on your critical systems, keep them updated and let you know about any product updates and new releases.

We split our support offering into 3 levels of service.

  • React
  • Prevent
  • Manage

These options enable TouchstoneBI and the client to agree the most appropriate level of support and assistance the client needs relative to the complexity of the BI model, the underlying data storage and transformation method, the integration process into the model and the extent to which the application is deployed across multiple live, test and development environments.

We will also take into consideration client’s internal resources, the level of training received and their capability, both application and technical.

To provide our clients with certainty of costs, but also flexibility as circumstances change, each option has a fixed quarterly fee that can be reviewed and switched to the most appropriate level each quarter. This is often useful over busy and resource demanding year end periods.

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We offer end-to-end cloud services that includes everything from initial planning to deployment and ongoing support of your IT platform. Whether you want to access your finance, procurement or any other business system, and from any remote location, Touchstone’s Private Cloud Services are available 24×7.

By installing your business software in Touchstone’s Private Cloud, users and business partners have the distinct advantage of being able to access their systems and information from anywhere and at any time so long as they have an internet connection. Touchstone’s Private Cloud provides a cost-effective, flexible and secure alternative to traditional in-house managed software deployment.

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Risk Mitigation & Compliance

We carry out offsite upgrades in order to ensure data integrity and minimise disruption by taking the risk out of a project upgrade. Our custom tools have been developed to analyse your data to highlight any integrity errors and/or any potential corruptions. This all helps contribute to a smooth project upgrade with no data loss or disruption.

Our business process mapping allows us to fully understand and streamline your processes, which will in turn help optimise your business and help save you time and money.

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