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Proof of Concept – What is TimeXtender?

TimeXtender is such a robust and reliable data estate builder with +250 adaptors, that TouchstoneBI are able to offer a short Proof of Concept as we are confident that we can answer the questions ‘what is TimeXtender?’ and ‘how can TimeXtender help my business?’ for users in just a few days.

Try before you buy

TouchstoneBI will work alongside you to understand the BI and data requirements of your organisation before agreeing on two key data sources that you have in place, and connecting them with TimeXtender. We will work with you to transform this data making it ready to present through the data visualisation tool of your choice.

This will all be done on your environment such as on-premise servers or in an instance of the Microsoft Azure platform, which allows you to quickly assess the benefit that TimeXtender can bring to your organisation’s decision-making process.

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Connect TimeXtender to 2 data sources in your environment



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What is TimeXtender? TimeXtender is a low-code/no-code Data Estate Builder

Want to try before you buy?

Do you want to take advantage of our TimeXtender Proof of Concept? Do you need to discuss your specific data and business intelligence requirements?

We would be more than happy to talk through how this could work for your organisation and how the TouchstoneBI team can assist.

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