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TimeXtender for Media, Marketing & Advertising Agencies

To operate smoothly you need full visibility of every interaction your agency has had with your customer: from initial contact to creating that first client brief to charging the customer for your services.

However, most Media agencies have multiple disparate complex layers of technology and sources of data inhibiting them from reacting to customer changes quickly enough.

TimeXtender is a Data Warehouse Platform that integrates and consolidates all your data into a central hub giving you a 360⁰ view of your customer from one simple unified platform.

Know Your Customer

With all data stored in one Data Warehouse Platform, Media agencies can view, react, and respond quickly to changing market demands and behaviour to deliver a better experience for their customers.

One version of the truth

Shared through a semantic layer, TimeXtender supports the creation and management of department-specific data marts or data models and delivers the relevant data required in your choice of visualisation tool and format.

As a result, each department has one view of all your data and one version of the truth, enabling accurate self-service analytics in a structured; governed; and secure environment and allowing for seamless communication across your Media organisation.

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Store and manipulate data from multiple production systems

With over 250 intelligent adapters for some of the most popular source systems including Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Drive (including Analytics), and email marketing platforms such as MailChimp; TimeXtender for Media can connect and extract data from virtually any data source.

Providing operational reports, insights and dashboards, analytics and ad-hoc queries using tools such as Tableau and PowerBI, the Data Warehouse Platform enables you to store, extract, manipulate and synchronise data from any source system faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Scale your business effectively

A good data and analytics strategy starts with a clear vision: to be led by your business data. And the stats speak for themselves as data-led organisations are six times more likely to retain customers and nineteen times more likely to be profitable.

TimeXtender enables Media organisations like PEI Media to put data-led insight at the heart of their operations – enabling them to harness data and make more informed decisions, faster; scale the business effectively; and support business growth plans.

Read the PEI Media Case Study

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Create a competitive advantage

Business leaders need to be able to react quickly to changes in their business with 42% of executives stating that they need to make business-critical decisions within one day.

With all data integrated and consolidated into a central hub, TimeXtender gives Business Leaders fast access to reliable data providing them with valuable insights and enabling them to make better-informed decisions to give your Media agency a competitive advantage.

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