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TimeXtender shown to be outstanding in the BARC independent Data Management Survey


  • 97% of surveyed users say they would recommend TimeXtender
  • 97% of surveyed users are satisfied with TimeXtender
  • 60% of users chose TimeXtender because of its ease of use for technical users
  • 72% of surveyed users chose TimeXtender because of its connectivity to source systems
  • 97% of surveyed users rate TimeXtender’s functionality as excellent or good

The Data Management Survey, now in its third year, is a BARC research study focused on the data management tools market.

BARC research is based on a major survey of 1,101 software users and consultants worldwide, providing a wealth of user feedback on 20 of the leading data management solutions on the market today, including TimeXtender.

TimeXtender achieves consistently good ratings with two top rankings and three leading positions in this year’s Data Management Survey. TimeXtender was placed above average in 14 of the 17 KPIs, including one maximum rating of 10/10 for Connectivity and a 9.3/10 in the Technical Capability KPI.

37 percent of respondents claim to experience no significant problems with TimeXtender. Impressively, the lowest placings for TimeXtender were two fourth positions in the Performance and Customer Experience KPIs.

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