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On-Demand Webinar: Accelerate your Data Empowerment

Every company is now a data company

Data empowerment webinar

With exploding volumes of data from a plethora of sources, today’s challenge is about gathering, processing and exploiting the data at speed.

Watch our webinar to see how TimeXtender can help you build your modern data estate 10x faster with a low-code, drag-and-drop solution for data ingestion and preparation ready for fast deployment to multiple visualisation tools (such as Power BI, Qlik, or Tableau) quickly generating graphs, dashboards, and reports.

By making the complex simple, TimeXtender reduces build costs by 70% and frees up data teams from tedious and repetitive tasks. That’s why it is used by 3,500+ customers worldwide.

This 45 minute Webinar will provide an overview of TimeXtender, a deep dive into some of it’s features and functionality and show you how you can build a data warehouse in as little as 10 minutes!


  • Introduction to TouchstoneBI and TimeXtender
  • Overview of TimeXtender
  • Demo 1 – Build a Data warehouse in 10 minutes
  • Demo 2 – AI and Machine Learning and Smart Automation
  • Q&A

Watch now:

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