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01. 04. 22 Andes Loukianos

Accelerate your journey to data empowerment - Join our Webinar

With exploding volumes of data from a plethora of sources, today's challenge is about gathering, processing and exploit the data at speed. Discover how TimeXtender can help you build your modern data estate 10 times faster.

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06. 05. 20 TouchstoneBI

Which type of analytics should I use?

The term “Analytics” covers a wide spectrum of meaning, depending on your level of understanding of the field (or indeed desire for detail). We all, at a base level understand analytics to mean “discovery and interpretation of information”.

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15. 04. 20 Syed Bokhari

Data driven decisions - Now more than ever, data is key

The global Coronavirus pandemic highlights the increasing significance of data modelling. Data scientists like those at the WHO Collaborating Centre and Imperial College London are influencing government responses, coordinating global efforts to stall the spread of CV-19 and saving lives.

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01. 04. 20 John Chapman

Prophesying capabilities through business intelligence

The growth of big data and business analytics is an important development in business improvement. By being able to harness the information in disparate databases we have the potential to predict the future. At TouchstoneBI we have developed this foretelling capability.

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16. 01. 20 John Chapman

The Juicy Bits: Risk, Value and Maximising Value for Money

Often when starting a business intelligence project, the initial request is to replicate the current reporting pack in the Business Intelligence Solution; move away from spreadsheets and replicate the As Is in a different software tool. This is a high-risk, low value piece of work.

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03. 12. 19 John Chapman

Does your data give you one version of the truth?

There are millions of transaction lines out there in silo databases and proprietary data sources. Are you sure you are getting the right information?

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18. 11. 19 John Chapman

Turning data into information and information into knowledge

TouchstoneBI, alongside TimeXtender, were thrilled to be exhibiting for the second year in a row, showcasing the possibilities of data warehouse automation.

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31. 10. 19 Andes Loukianos

What is the fastest way to data clarity?

Industry research shows that 42% of business leaders need to make data-driven decisions within one day.

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24. 10. 19 Andes Loukianos

Why would you spend more money and time than you need to?

Digital transformation is the popular buzzword of the moment, and at first glance it may sound like an expensive, time consuming project. It doesn’t have to be!

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10. 10. 19 Andes Loukianos

Big Data LDN is back for a 4th year and is set to be larger than ever in 2019

At this year’s exhibition TouchstoneBI will be partnering with TimeXtender. Recognised globally as one of the fastest growing software companies.

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