Data management and data empowerment: Head of TouchstoneBI interviewed by TimeXtender

17. 03. 22 TouchstoneBI

As its longest UK partner Andes Loukianos, Business Unit Head of TouchstoneBI, was interviewed by TimeXtender’s Brand Strategist Juan Jose Keena. It was a great opportunity to discuss how the TimeXtender solution benefits TouchstoneBI’s customers and the current trends in the data world.

"It’s all about data…I am very passionate about data"

Coming from a finance background, Andes discovered early on an interest in reporting and forecasting, understanding very quickly how good quality and reliable data can help businesses make better informed better decisions. Joining the IT industry firstly on the support side he went on to hold consultancy, account management and sales management roles.

The last 10 years has seen Andes play a major role in building the TouchstoneBI business whose mission is to help customers harness the data they need to make better informed business decisions. Underpinning their portfolio of solutions is TimeXtender. In his view, it has been the perfect tool to combine a multitude of data sources in a consistent way with quality and integrity to help their many customers on their BI journeys.

Every company is now a data company

While each organisation embraces data management at their own pace, there is now a clear and undisputed recognition of the importance of data. CEOs, CFOs and CIOs understand the power of data and accept that it’s the lifeblood of their businesses. But it’s coming at them at such exponential volume and velocity they need a way that turns it into actionable insight.

It is no longer about data management it’s about data empowerment and TimeXtender empowers everyone – Business Leaders, Data Teams and BI and analytics experts - in the way that it enables companies to build their data estates in a fast, smart and flexible way.

It is the challenge that most organisations face nowadays and using their extensive experience TouchstoneBI have successfully worked with their clients on their journeys from data discovery to visualisation with some stunning results.

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